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'I Move Freely' Pilates Classes at The Studio

Pilates is a form of exercise combining flexibility, endurance training, body awareness, breathing and relaxation. The exercises are a series of controlled movements using the deep stabilising muscles of the body, which are often neglected in traditional fitness training.

'I Move Freely' Pilates is a unique modern programme I have created specifically for people restricted by tightness and/or pain. I have used the principles of Pilates for core stability, combined them with Bio Mechanic techniques for the release of tight muscles, and added physiotherapy based exercises designed to combat back pain. This has moved Pilates from its origins and brought it up to date with current research. The addition of bio mechanic and back exercises give the extra benefits of all round core stability, improvement in back health, and better posture.

Have you ever found that pilates aggravated your back or neck?
Studying the cause and management of back pain gave me a greater understanding of the load applied to the spine during frequently performed pilates exercises. It is this which led me to develop my range of exercises which strengthen the back without strain.

Osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors and GPs recommend Pilates as a beneficial form of exercise to augment their treatments. "I Move Freely" Pilates is one of the safest forms of Pilates for this purpose. In fact a number of the specific exercises I use are actually prescribed by physiotherapists.
Results should be seen within weeks as posture improves immediately, with strength and flexibility following soon after.

"I Move Freely" Pilates can be tailored to any age group and fitness level, from out-of-shape beginners to able-bodied athletes. Even those with stiff, aching muscles can benefit from an "I Move Freely" Pilates program.

As an instructor qualified to work with a wide range of medical conditions I am able to adapt classes to suit each individual. There are chairs and a couch in the studio area so even if you are unable to get onto the floor you can still attend a class.

If you have an injury or medical condition that could affect your ability to exercise, or if you have any concerns about joining a class, do book a one to one session first. This will allow your strengths and weaknesses to be assessed and a suitable class recommended.