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IMF ”SELECT" Classes: Less of a class, more of a shared one to one session.

  • Do you have a chronic condition which prevents you from taking the exercise you used to enjoy?
  • Would you like to be more active but you find it too painful?
  • Has your GP recommended that you do Pilates, but you have found it ineffective, too painful or too difficult?
  • Would up like a small class where exercises are designed especially for you and you can be sure of correct technique?

I have designed
IMF “SELECT” Classes to enable people to benefit from I Move Freely exercise in a smaller group. This enables me to give extensive individual attention to each attendee.
A typical session may include a short initial assessment, possibly a “through clothes” massage of troublesome areas and always exercises specifically to address the individuals’ conditions. This is possible only by restricting the group size.
These sessions are not taught as a class, more, a shared one to one session.
They will appeal to anyone who is keen to get the most benefit from their exercises, or have specific chronic conditions.

I have been really pleased with the results from 'SELECT' groups since I started them. People really notice the improvement and most are able to undertake activities they would otherwise have found impossible.