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Individual Consultation

After working specifically with people with chronic illness for a number of years now, i am totally convinced that a one-to-one individual consultation would be of considerable benefit to almost all my clients.

What is an Individual Consultation?

It is a one-to-one personalised session. It could be a personal training session, it could be a massage, it could be just sitting and talking. Whatever suits your situation.
It can be anything from 15 minutes of physiotherapy exercise review or kinesio tape application, to a 90 minute session including a full body assessment, relevant treatment and the preparation of an exercise prescription.

During the course of each individual consultation I will use a variety of techniques from my skill set. You can find some more details about the techniques I use by following the links below.

How can it help you?

If you have aches and pains it is likely an individual consultation session will ease your suffering.
If you put your back out on a regular basis, an individual consultation session can reduce those occurrences and reduce the level of pain.
If you suffer a chronic illness, individual consultation sessions can give you a way forward by allowing you to manage your condition.
If you have just had an operation but have not had enough follow up support, an individual consultation session can fill that gap.
During and after pregnancy, individual consultation sessions can show you how to exercise effectively and safely to give easier delivery and faster recovery.
If you are going to have an operation, individual consultation sessions can identify per-operative exercises that can significantly reduce recovery time.
If you sit at a desk, or drive for your living it is likely that you have some form of postural imbalance, even if you are not getting any pain at the moment, you probably will suffer later in life. regular individual consultation sessions can reverse this trend.
If you are taking part in a sport or regular exercise programme and are looking to increase your level or intensity an individual consultation will check your bio mechanic balance to ensure you reduce the risk of injury once working at a higher physical level.

Why does it work?

An interesting fact is now apparent from recent developments in training techniques for elite athletes. 'Left to its own devices, under a normal exercise regime, the body will not develop the optimum muscle usage or firing orders itself. It is necessary to undertake a bio-mechanical assessment and prescribe bio-mechanical exercises to train the body for optimum performance.'
Remember too that it is when you increase the amount or intensity of an activity that muscle imbalances cause injuries. You may nor realise that you had an imbalance until you have an injury.

What does this mean to you?

It means that your body will settle into using a group of muscles for the activities of your every day life. These are not necessarily the strongest muscles, nor the most effective muscles. In time this may lead to pain and injury as they are not able to support you in the optimum way. If you put extra stress on your body, for example through surgery, chronic illness, arthritis, pregnancy or an increased level of physical activity, the problem becomes more pronounced and pain often results.

By consciously repeating the correct muscle firing patterns during a range of movements your body learns to use them in the correct way. With practise your body will do this all the time without you thinking about it. When using the correct muscle firing patterns you will find that walking is easier, balance is improved, falls are less likely, pain is reduced and your performance in any sporting activity will be enhanced.