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Pain Management

Most people suffer from a recurrent pain of some sort.

Sometimes there is an underlying medical condition that is causing the pain, sometimes it is just an individual's lifestyle, sometimes it is caused by muscular imbalance, often it is a combination of factors that result in the pain.

In some cases there is no obvious reason for the pain and despite tests, X-rays and MRI scans there may be no diagnosis. It is recognised that up to 90% of low back pain has no specific cause.

This situation is frustrating yet the pain is real and to deny the existence of the pain is of no help whatsoever. Taking pain killing drugs is often not an acceptable longterm solution, can have undesirable side effects and doesn't address the real issue.

There may be no cure for these problems, but there are techniques that will help you to minimise and handle the pains, even when they are severe. Sometimes, over time, the pains can be reduced to an almost negligible level.

In many cases the treatment I suggest involves strengthening the muscles so they can support the skeletal structure. In other cases muscles need to be released so they stop pulling joints out of alignment.

For pain which is intermittent it is helpful to identify the triggers and work towards reducing the episodes of pain.

Whilst pain can not always be eliminated I can help you to understand why you have pain and give you coping strategies for its management.