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Physiotherapy Support

Physiotherapy is an extremely important tool in the process of recovery from injury. However, physiotherapy provision is often limited under the National Health, and expensive to do privately.

Whilst not a physiotherapist Anne has specialist knowledge which overlaps that of a physiotherapist. As a result Anne is able to provide support and help enabling you to continue the exercises which have been prescribed at your physio appointment. If you have been given exercises which you don't understand or can't perform Anne can help with adapting the exercises and explaining the benefit you can expect to see from regular practice.

Anne uses her experience to give practical advice which can help you recover from surgery or learn to live with conditions which give constant or intermittent pain. An example of Anne's recent work is detailed in the
article published here showing how useful additional exercise can be when recovering from major surgery.

Specialist Areas
Joint Replacement: If you are recovering from a joint replacement, especially knee or hip, a Lymphatic Drainage Massage combined with exercises can speed up the recovery.
Mastectomy: If you have had surgery which affects your mobility such as a mastectomy you may find the exercises difficult. With a little adaptation you will be able to regain movement much quicker.
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction: New research (2014) recommends a range of exercises as the right combination of muscle groups give results far better than the simple Kegel exercises. Anne is one of the first UK therapists to train in these methods.
Back Pain: This frequently comes and goes for no apparent reason. Up to 90% of back pain has no specific origin. Exercise is the best method of reducing back pain and Anne has expert knowledge of the best exercises to choose.
Arthritis or Joint Stiffness: This is common as the body becomes older and healing processes slow down. It is possible to stimulate production of lubricating fluid within the joints through manipulation. Gentle exercise can maintain a good range of movement while strengthening work helps the muscles support the bone structures.

A 15 minute physio support session is just £13.
In this session Anne can help you to perform the exercises, prescribed by your physio, correctly for the maximum benefit. Anne is happy to talk to your physiotherapist about your program to try to ensure the optimum result.
Home visits are offered if you are unable to travel.

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