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Massage is recorded as one of the earliest forms of physical therapy and it is known that it was used by very different cultures over 3000 years ago. It is only in the much more recent past since travel and communications have enabled different civilisations to meet that so many forms of massage have been developed.

Massage, applied skillfully, is the most effective therapy for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system.

As a result massage can not only benefit you physically, but also help you to feel more relaxed, less stressed and more able to cope with life.

The benefits of massage can be grouped into three areas:

Benefits to the body’s structure
• Alleviate low-back pain caused by muscle imbalance.
• Enable dysfunctional muscles to be stretched and prepared to be stretched
• To mobilise lengthened weak muscles ready to be strengthened by exercise
• To enable quicker recovery from exercise especially when training for sporting events
• Relax and soften tired stressed muscle and fascia  to rebalance the body’s structure
• Improve condition of the skin and other superficial soft tissue.
• Release tight muscles to increase joint flexibility
• Reduce muscle aches, spasms and cramp
Emotional benefits
• Relieve emotional stress.
• Decrease stimulation of the nervous system to reduce anxiety.
• Relieve mental fatigue
• Restore the body’s natural balance and calm
Specific benefits
• Reduce the need for pain killers by changing the brain's perception of pain.
• Improve immunity by stimulating lymph flow—the body's natural defence system.
• Improve condition of the skin and other superficial soft tissue.
• Improve circulation and cell regeneration
• Reduce headaches

Choose from the following types of massage:
Sport Massage
Indian Head Massage
Hot Stone Massage

Or for specialist body treatments:
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Myofascial Release Technique